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Welcome to the home of our family ancestry.  There are over 27,000 people listed in our family tree. Information about our relatives and direct ancestors born before 1916 can be found on this site. 

Click on the Rootsweb link to view information on our ancestors, including charts and family pages, and to download .ged files for a selected branch.

This page is maintained by Michelle (Thelen) Margraf.

Thanks to everyone who has been kind enough to share information on relatives and direct ancestors of our family over the years.  Your kindness has helped to create this database. 

Are we related?  Let's get in touch and share information about our ancestors. I love to see the family tree grow in any direction. 

Contact me via e-mail at michellemargraf@yahoo.com

Our Family Tree on Rootsweb's World Connect Server

A History of the 4 Main Branches of our Family Tree